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Students discussing in the classroom

We study and share real-life business stories with a clear focus on European-Asian managerial challenges.

Our Commitment

At the Europe-Asia Case Study Center, we dedicate ourselves to developing in-depth, up-close, and up-to-date case studies in intercultural contexts. Our publications contribute academic research and practical knowledge, and enrich classroom experience.

Research areas

Our case study center is proud to present our field-research based studies. The areas of our research include but not limited to 1) Asian enterprises expanding globally;   2) European firms entering the Asian market; 3) Management of family business (tradition and innovation)​; 4) Sustainability and crisis management.





    While still adhering to management, our case studies describe the specific circumstances and environment a company finds itself in and detail the challenges that need to be resolved. In the classroom, students discuss the problems and apply their knowledge to coming up with possible solutions. This type of interactive discussion of real life cases is one of the reasons case studies have become increasingly popular in universities and business schools.




      Our research is published in the form of business case studies and presented at workshops and conferences with the intention of sharing them with a broader audience. The research we do advances an understanding of both the increased prominence of Asian firms in international business and what benefits and risks the exchanges can imply between Asia and the rest of the world.